Legacy Small Business – Lincoln Lanes

Lincoln Lanes
Legacy Small Business of the Year

          A downtown Danville business that has provided entertainment for over six decades has been selected to receive one of this year’s Vermilion County Small Business of the Year Awards. Danville Area Community College’s Small Business Development Center announced the award for Lincoln Lanes. Jason Woodworth, manager of Lincoln Lanes Bowling describes what the business offers…

          {“We have, obviously, the bowling. We have 30 lanes – 20 in here and 10 in the back. We have a full-service bar. We have the video gaming – and then with that we have private parties,” said Woodworth. “We have events mainly in the back where you can rent the building and have your group in here to do whatever you need to do. And then with that we have leagues and open bowling for the public.”}

          Most bowlers probably are unaware of it, but Woodworth notes the building previously was a Lincoln-Mercury car dealership. It was 1958 when Woodworth’s grandparents turned it into Lincoln Lanes Bowling.


          Jason’s father took over in 1976, and then seven years ago Jason became the manager. He says he hopes to keep the business alive for many years to come…

          {“That’s the goal – we’re hoping” said Woodworth, “unless we keep having crazy things that shut us down three months at a time. The goal is to continue to grow – to continue to be a major part of the community. It’s something, like you said – most people know it’s been here for as long as they can remember. And we want to keep providing families a place to go, and a place to do things with their friends. And it’s something that’s out of being stuck in the house.”}

good bowler

          Woodworth notes that while most people go bowling for the fun of it, Lincoln Lanes has seen some very good bowlers over the years…

          {“We have people that travel from all over the place to come here to bowl for different tournaments and things we have on the weekends. And then some of the people from here travel all over the place to compete,” noted Woodworth. “It’s a good outlet. You get to an age where you can’t play baseball, and basketball, and football anymore. And so this is a great outlet for people to still have that competitive spirit.”}

          And how has COVID-19 pandemic affected the games this year?

          {“Being shut down for three months was very challenging, especially since two of the months would be our biggest time of they year – March and April,” said Woodworth. “And then since then we’re just doing what we can to make people comfortable, to keep everything clean and keep everybody healthy – and then following the guidelines to run our business. It slowed things down a little bit, but we’re hoping that as this thing hopefully plays itself out that we can return to get things back to normal.”}


          The games still feature players using a bowling ball to try to knock down pins, but Woodworth notes there have been some changes over the years.

          {“I guess since I was a kid there’s been some major changes in the equipment for bowling. The game has become a lot more high-scoring. I mean people like to succeed at things, and they’ve made it to where with the different lane machines, and the bowling balls, and the equipment that you can bowl- it’s a little bit easier of a game than it was even 35 years ago,” says Woodworth. “Also, we’ve seen kind of a downtick in league bowling, but with that an increase in open bowling to where more people come in – see what we have – -see that it’s a nice place, and then continue to come back.}

Woodworth notes that almost anytime the building is open – even during league bowling – there are still lanes available for open bowling.

Contact Lincoln Lanes 107 W. Harrison St. Danville, IL, via: Facebook, Phone 217-442-0861, or website https://www.lincolnlanesil.com/.